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My Point of View: Ashley Madison Singapore Ban

I was astonished to find out that the Singapore government has banned adultery website Ashley Madison. But should I be shocked? While Singapore has always claimed to be a modern country, she comes across as a conservative and impractical state at times. One can forgive some folks for remarking that we have a communist run government.

The what I see now after their website was blocked.

Yes Ashley Madison is a website that promotes adultery. But if someone truly wants to commit adultery, there are many other options for them. There is Facebook and countless dating websites they can use. This website shows you  various steps you can take so you won't get caught on Facebook! Well there are even dating apps for smart phones that show "willing participants" that are within your vicinity! All one really needs to do is start a conversation with a simple "hello". I should know because I installed one such app on my friend's phone. And yes, he ended up banging a few chicks. Lucky him!

There's another app called 'WeChat' that has ruined relationships too. too! This website may sound friendly but it's as filthy as a hooker with herpes! You don't go on to look for friends. Fuck buddies, a threesome and orgy invites are just some of the benefits of being a paid member.

The point I'm trying to make is this... If someone wants to cheat, THEY WILL DO IT! It's just the way it is. They don't need no Ashley Madison website! Banning Ashley Madison made Singapore look like a bunch of prudes. Instead Singapore should have come up with a movement to educate Singaporeans on the dangers of adultery (sexual diseases, how it harms one's family, etc). But I guess they chose the easy way out. To ban and ignore there is moral problem with our society. Or maybe they want to avoid another Michael Palmer scandal among their ministers and MP's.

What is your point of view?


  1. Yeah, well what singapore failed to realise is that while they may block out sites like this the access to the singaporean women who are willing to commit adultery are NUMEROUS!!!! All one needs to do is flick around some dough and BOOM! u got it made!! Singapore is a city where living is bloody expensive, and women want the finer things in life and guess what do they do to get it?! yeah!! exactly right!!!

  2. The PAP is always right asshole!

  3. They can ban it all they want but there ways to get around it plus there's so many alternative to Ashley Madison which are not blocked by MDA.

    As long as one is exposed to social life, such things bound to happen, but to let it happen depends on one thoughts, teaching and self-control.

    By the way the guy your ex-wife with now is the guy in the message screenshot'd in this blogpost?

    1. Yes exactly! Lots of alternatives. I agree with the social life but most importantly one's teachings and self control.

      No different guy. They broke up by the way. The guy in the screenshot is someone's husband.

    2. Broke up? You mean the guy she is currently co-cohabiting with?

  4. The happy trigger pro government and religious supporters should honestly ask themselves this: are fornicators ( unhibited sex outside of marriage) good for the fabric of society?

    There are more social ills from fornication than adultery I believe because it is more rampant and pervasive.

    Now why don't they address that legalistically? They can't and for the same reason they shouldn't.

    Each has to take responsibility for themselves.


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