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Jun 13, 2010

Father's Day came early...

Father's Day isn't till next Sunday but my wife gave me an early present. Truth is, she couldn't wait! She was buzzing with excitement the day she bought this and although I was high from all the beer, I knew something was up. Well folks, here's my Father's Day gift...

Sony a230

The first thing I said when I tore open the wrapping paper was "HOLY FUCK!". I didn't expect anything for Father's Day and I sure as hell didn't expect an DSLR camera!!! It doesn't help that I didn't get anything for her on Mothers Day. Doo dee dooo....

My dear Ann, thank you for the awesome present! I love you lots! I will take lots of pictures in Bintan next weekend and if you wear a two piece bikini, we'll get another memory card ASAP!


  1. lucky dude..i'm so envious...haha

  2. Nice one, Ann!

    And I want to see photos of Ann in a 2 piece as well! Heh!


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