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Feb 6, 2010


Sex scandals have been hitting the headlines recently. Just yesterday, the Singapore New Paper had a scandal on it's front page. Apparently, there is a video of part-time Suria actress Nadia Fazlini online and this video has got a lot of people talking. People are saying a whole lotta shit about this girl and I personally don't think it's cool!!!

Do you think for one second that she wanted anyone to see this video? Hell no! The person that uploaded this video is a scumbag! I want this person to know that he or she has destroyed a person's life. To the dude that filmed this intimate act, what the hell were you thinking????

Girls, no matter how old or young you are, I want you to listen this tiny bit of advice...DON'T ever let a man video you! I don't care if you love that men to bits and will do anything and everything to make him happy, just don't do it!! What if he loses his phone or camera? What if it gets stolen? There are programs in the market that can retrieve deleted files. And that's a freaking fact!

Elsewhere around the world, SEX has grabbed the headlines too. Just this morning Singapore time, John Terry was stripped of the England armband. I'm actually disgusted that he lost the armband. Yeah he slept with Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend. Does that make him any less of a player or captain?? I'm pretty darn sure the rest of the England squad have baggage too. For example, Steven Gerrard who plays for my favourite team in the world, Liverpool, is expected to be made vice captain of the squad. Didn't he punch this dude in a club not too long ago? My point is, we humans are not perfect and we make mistakes all the damn time.

So yeah, I don't agree with England manager Fabio Capello on this one. Likewise, I disagree with the notion that Tiger Woods is some sort of sex maniac. The man loves sex. I do too! Big deal! If Tiger had his affairs in Singapore, I'm sure we would have had lesser women or none going to the media saying they slept with him. Why? Singapore women are generally shy and conservative. You'll hardly hear them talking about sex unless they are drunk or playing Truth or Dare!

I think when you're rich and famous, lots of people will try to bring you down. We saw it happen to Michael Jackson and it's gonna happen time and again. It's sad but that's the negative side of fame. One heck of a price to pay for being famous huh?


  1. Have to agree that no matter how much you "love" the guy, never ever let him "video" whatever the special moment between him and the lady. It's all boils down to respect.

    No respect No love....

    This guy No respect...

    A true man respect his woman

  2. Hi Aidah!

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I tried a few times but your message didn't appear under this post.

    Anyhow, I'm glad you agree with me. There are lots of girls that will do just about anything for 'love'. It is unfortunate that some guys use the word LOVE to get what they want from the opposite sex...


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