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Dec 1, 2009

Rihanna Tattoos

While I knew Rihanna had tattoos, I never knew she had so many! Damn! This woman has got more ink than most guys I know. Though her tattoos aren't large pieces, they are nicely placed and incredibly sexy.

Rihanna loves tattoos so much that she recently took tattoo lessons at East Side Ink in New York City. Now ya'll know where she gets her ink! If she ever does get tired of showbiz and becomes a tattoo artist, her fans would make up one hell of a queue outside her studio.

She's got a Sanskrit prayer running down her hip...

She's got a star on her left ear and the Pisces star sign on her right.

These stars were done in stages. It started with a few of them and this is what she has now.

Anyone knows what the Roman numerals stand for?

She has a polynesian style tattoo on her right hand, the word 'Love' on her left middle finger and 'Shhh' on her right index finger.

Rihanna has musical notes on her right foot and a skull with a pink bow on the back of her left foot.


She reportedly has an Arabic phrase tattooed on one of her ribcage that means "Freedom is God". My brothers at Vanishing Tattoo have an article about Rihanna too. Visit them @

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  1. The romains number means her b-day day..11-4-1986..

  2. It is not her date of birth,Rihanna is born in 1988.
    The tattoo is the date o birth of her best friend.


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