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Dec 4, 2009

I'm low class????

Well folks, that's exactly what some people are saying about folks with tattoos. Apparently, someone by the name of FattyMama came across this 14 year old boy's blog. The boy has a tattoo on his leg and he alerted Stomp (click here to read the article). The article led to a whole bunch of comments. One guy that goes by the moniker of 'kelvinlau40' says people with tattoos look cheap and low class (refer to screen shot below). Not surprisingly, he isn't alone...

Here's what I don't respect about a lot of people that use the internet. They leave comments on blogs and news portals but they don't leave their real names. Using some phony name, these people hide behind their computers and they talk and bitch about someone else's life. Come on dude! Get a freaking life!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But is it necessary to call someone "cheap and low class" just because you don't like something??

Another hot topic on their website is about this poly girl that blogged about her sex life. What's wrong about that? Can't a girl or guy be open about their sex lives? Can't a girl say she loves sex toys? So what if she had a foursome?? Good for her, she's lucky! If you are that conservative, don't read the damn blog! I think most of the men that left negative comments are just jealous they never had a girl like her. And the women? Well, they are just sore that nobody wants to be in them!

For that matter, I have nothing good to say about STOMP. To me, it's just a portal for kaypo Singaporeans who think all mighty about themselves. What do you think of Stomp?


  1. "For that matter, I have nothing good to say about STOMP. To me, it's just a portal for kaypo Singaporeans who think all mighty about themselves."


  2. i think STOMP is a means for these (insert appropriate expletive here) to breed their bigotry and stereotypical opinions.

    its like a portal for this disease to just get worse, AND spread, infecting others, coaxing the ones with no stand on a particular matter initially, to form similar narrow-minded and backward opinions.

    one person makes a stupid judgmental comment, all the yes-men follow and concur.

    suffice to say, its where are all the "ugly" singaporeans gather, to enjoy the ego trip and exercise their holier-than-thou mindset, as they snigger at and ridicule others that do not conform to their standards.

    we should really stay away from this disease, this excuse of a website. i do not see how it improves society, rather it brings light to the pathetic and sorry individuals with no meaning to life but to point their cameras at the slightest opportunity to ridicule.

    what we need, is the head of the person that started this STOMP thing.


    Eh hello?? I got a tatt and I am def. NOT cheap or low class.. (Yeah and I am also "not shy" to proclaim that too).

    What a shallow biased prick. Who is this kotek? Seems like he has been meeting orange-haired pasar malam LV clad ah-lians and ah-sengs. Let me meet him. And I will bring the rest of my girls who have tattoos with me..

    Aunty Di

    p.s: I agree with Ann.. STOMP is citizen journalism at its worst. Democratic? erm..yea in a way, but then again you get stupid heartlander koteks wanting to have a say at things too so much so that objectivity doesnt become a requisite. *shrugs shoulders*. I wouldnt call STORM a form of "journalism" at all..

  4. And if you hadnt noticed, only pathetic idiots leave their comments at STOMP. Where else can they view their shallow-minded opinions? The "atas" ones normally wouldnt even bother. Let them bask in their stupidity and shallow-minded world with their own kind.

    Aunty Di

  5. That section in Stomp where ppl will post pictures/videos of what they call "social taboos" is plain stupid. And it showcases how narrow minded many Singaporeans are.

    Stomp blog is nice tho, i like reading Mia Lee.

  6. well .. i guess they the "high class act people" do not and i mean probably too scare to get any tattoos .. or perhaps they must ask their parents' for permission .. freaking born idiots .. i mean look at David Beckham, the superstar footballer .. how many tattoos he spot ? .. and mind you senseless "high class" people .. i believe he is making millions of dollars by the week with tattoos on him .. and go think about those rock stars and hip hop R&B singers .. they are making tons of money than u sickos .. so r they low class ? .. get a life u dumb "high class" sickos ..

  7. Sassychix: Hey! I guess that's why STOMP is doing well. There are lots of kaypo Singaporeans around!

    I saw on your blog that do henna tattoos?

    Yummy Mummy: That's exactly what it is. But to be fair, there were a good number of users that stood up for the Tattooed Nation! Kudos to them!

    It's one thing to sit behind the computer and bitch. Most of these people will never have the guts/balls to do it outside their comfort zone....

    Aunty Di Hello New York!!! How's things over there? If you see a NYPD cop eating donuts, please please please take a picture!

    Don't bother about that guy. He can live in his superficial little world for all I care. It's people like him that give MDA the impression that Singaporeans are still 'not ok' with tattoos. BUT...things will change. I just know it will!

    Smile and enjoy NY babes!!!!

    Phiyornah: I totally agree with everything you mentioned. And yeah, Maia's blog is a good read. She's such a darling...

    Eddy@TattooLand: You're right about Beckham and the other celebs. You gave me an idea for an upcoming post. =)

  8. datz seriously CRAP.... wad a bunch of butt wipes. i thnk sadly, its juz the kinda stigma wif tattoos in asian culture.

    Sadly, i doubt i will live 2 c my tattoos or ANYONE's tattoos 4 dat matter "get accepted" & not subject 2 such crap comments frm pple who cant even open their minds a little or use their brains more 4 dat matter

  9. i think STOMP was a good initiative to get people to open up and start forming opinions.

    unfortunately, not all the opinions seem to make sense or have any standing whatsoever.

    we can't blame people for having a preference, but we can blame them for forming baseless judgements.

    personally, i think it is okay for people not to like tattoos, but if they wanted to participate in a discussion proper, that was definitely not the way. to begin with, whatever they think does not actually make us (the tattooed) that (cheap & low class). and the narrowminded certainly have no reason to be on such forums that were meant for objective discussions with an open mind.

    unfortunately, this is singapore and the bane of our society will forever think that whatever they think or have to say is extremely important. even if really they're just participating just to make themselves feel somewhat important. (like we give a shit what they have to say!)

    so i say fuck it. let them say what they want. at the end of the day, they're just making themselves look stupid to the rest of the world. and eddy has a point. the person who commented that tattoos are "cheap & low class" may just very well be a big David Beckham fan. idiots!

  10. STOMP is just a site for losers to whine. I don't even bother going to that website.

    Think about 70% of Singaporean are born and educated to be narrow minded.

  11. I think tattoos, like most things, can look horrible but they can also look stunning as well.

    And it seems like everytime I hear about STOMP, it's mostly negative. It sounds to me like an outlet for the deprived to release their pent up frustrations.

  12. I totally agree ~*Starryluvly*~. I cringe every time I look at a cheap tattoo. Those home made tattoos done by so-called tattoo artists aren't any better.

    The government built the Speakers Corner but these fellas don't have the balls to use it. Instead, they use portals such as STOMP to voice their opinions....


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