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Nov 26, 2009

Muhammad Nor Rashidy Rahmat

I had planned another post for today but that can wait till later today or tomorrow. I'm sure by now, most of you would have heard or read about little Muhammad Nor Rashidy Rahmat. When I first heard this boy was missing on Monday, my prayers went out to his family. Having a child of my own, I couldn't imagine what they were going through.

But yesterday when I was reading the local news online, my heart sank when I saw the headlines "Decomposed body of a boy found". I had a sick feeling that body belonged to Rashidy or more affectionately known as Edy. True enough, the next article that popped up a short while later confirmed that Edy was dead. Who the hell would kill a 6 year old??? Well as the media reports, a plump dark-skinned man with shoulder- length hair with tattoos on both forearms (they just had to include the tattoo bit in the news feed) did just that! This asshole's name is Mohammad Johan Rashid.

I cannot understand how a person can kill an innocent child! The same goes for that dude that killed his two kids in Ang Mo Kio before taking his own life. It really is fucked up.

I understand that Edy's mother is in prison and one can only imagine what she's going through. If I were in her shoes, I would be helpless and my world would crumble. I would also class myself as a complete failure because I wasn't there to protect my child! That my friends, is the duty of every parent regardless of the freaking situation they are in. It may sound harsh but that's just how it is.

What do you think about this case?

26th May 6.45pm: Pictures from various local newspapers can be found at this link.

Dec 10th: New charges have been filled against the accused Mohammad Johan Rashid. The new charges are for consuming morphine and three counts of failing to report for urine tests. Johan has been remanded for psychiatric examination and will appear in court again on Dec 31.


  1. Any form of abuse to children really kills me. Unfortunately, this is quite rampant in Singapore especially among the middle to lower class. I was always living in my own bubble until I worked in SANA and I realised too many kids are neglected, emotionally/verbally abused. Sadly the ones I happen to know are all malays and that made me very sad. I managed to speak to a few of them. They have no aspirations and they don't know what dreams are. Very sad.

    I don't understand how anyone can hurt a child either. I would really like to know what was going through his mind when he did that. Was the guy related to the kid?

  2. Hi Ju'eta! Man, that's sad to know. Mind if I ask how SANA helps these children get on the right path? I would think that each child needs to be monitored and personally addressed constantly...

    I think you'll agree that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. But it's not an impossible to be a good parent if one has the right mindset, shows lotta love and practices common sense.

    Hmm, he is the husband of the boy's babysitter. The boy's mom is in prison for drug charges and nobody knows where his dad is. To complicate the story even more, the babysitter was arrested for drugs the day the little boy was killed.

    Here are a few links to news articles...

  3. My apologies to the folks from other parts of the globe. You can read about this tragic murder using the links above.

    To sum up this case, the murder suspect is the husband of the boy's babysitter. The babysitter was arrested for drug offenses while the murder suspect picked up the boy from kindergarten.

    In court today, he was charged for murdering the boy between 2pm and 4pm on that day. He then stuffed the boy in a trolley bag which he later dumped in a canal near where the boy lived with his grandmother. It's not known when exactly he dumped the body but I'm guessing it was two days after the murder.

  4. People have different ways that they think & do things. This one is a mad man! He should try on someone his own size instead of a helpless small boy.

  5. Well, when I was in SANA I only met up with each child individually once a week. I try to find out what their goals are and help them to move in that direction. So each Case Manager had their own rapport with each child. When I left, they stopped helping kids because there were too many drug offenders that needed our assistance. It's sad because I thought the children needed our help most.

  6. Hi Weng, the word mad doesn't suit him. The Indian guy that sells tissue and sings at the top of his voice at Newton Hawker is mad.

    I don't have a word for the killer yet. Any idea guys?

    Ju'eta, that's a shame. I would think children would need more help compared to the druggies. If we get the children on the right path, then we can avoid a whole lot of problems down the road. :(

  7. These people are seriously fucked up. They must have had realtionships that have bloody ended wrong or some fucking reason like that. They shouldn't hurt these kids because they think their fucking cool. I would wanna rough them up if i meet those fucking bastards.

  8. Hi Anonymous. The latest on this case is that the accused is a drug addict and he has been caught a few times. The prosecutors recently added new charges and one of them was missing a bunch of mandatory urine tests.

    I so would want to rough them up too! I'm sure he'll get what he deserves in prison...


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