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Oct 8, 2009

Hooters Styled Kopitiam

Thanks to Manuel for posting a link on a previous post. He pointed out that there's a happening kopitiam in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Think of Hooters (or Joo Chiat) invading a coffee shop and you'll get the direction of this post.

This kopitiam has sexy women that prepare and serve food and drinks. They also talk, play cards and watch soccer with customers. Now that's a trophy wife to some men!

The best part, the kopitiam is owned by a group of women! Imagine that! The girls are paid well enough and I'm damn sure they get an insane amount of tips.

Some of the girls aren't hot but there's nothing a few beers can't do! If I'm ever in Kuala Lumpur, I'm dropping off the wife and kid at Mid Valley Megamall and I'll head to Cawangan Bandar Perdana for a few beers. Look out ladies, daddy's paying you a visit real soon!

Visit STOMP to view more pictures of the girls...


  1. If you are going to that kopitiam, can I come along?

  2. me too..maybe ask if they need part time help as well to wash "ahem" their dishes...hahaha

  3. William: Sure!!! The more the merrier! =)

    Manuel: Hahahaha...I'm sure they need all the help they can get! KL here we come!!

  4. damn i wanna come along too

    and they r better looking than the gers at our singapore hooters anyday...

  5. bro...we need to think about renting a bus soon to bring the whole gang there...wahahahaha

  6. if the owner's name is Mr Teck, he could really name his kopitiam Teh Teck!


    teh teck = tetek (malay for breasts) geddit, geddit? =p

  7. oh ya, reckon they provide milk on the side? lol...

  8. Wow! You change your blog theme? Looks really nice... I'm addicted to feeding your koi!!!

  9. Remy: Hahaha...I'm sure you do. Was thinking the same thing =)

    longjin: Totally agree with you! I've been to the Hooters here and there's nothing to see. No boobs and no ass!

    Manuel:'re right bro! If we keep this up, we'd need more than a bus! Good things outta be shared right?

    Yummy Mummy: Heeee...that's the funniest thing I heard all day! They gotta have milk. Damn! I want melons too!!!! Thank you bro! Now STOP FEEDING THEM!!!!


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