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Sep 1, 2009

The wife and kid are out...

I just got back from the hawker centre opposite my house. Ann and Drayden are out for the evening so I thought it'll be nice to have a cold beer with my favourite hawker Ah-San. I didn't get to drink with Ah-San till much later in the evening but did I did have a beer with my old boss.

Years ago, I used to work as a karaoke jockey (KJ) in the neighbourhood pubs in Thomson. Heck man, those days there was a demand for KJ's. Together with a bunch of other KJ's we would work the various pub that would pay us the sum we demanded. That's how I even got started in the entertainment line. We would get paid anything from 50 to 80 bucks a night. Need I mention the free beers we got each and every night we worked?!

I used to have this customer that would tip me $50 every time I played his song. If I were to bottoms up a beer, he would tip me $100 to $200. Today, he is a bankrupt but that's another story to be told some other time.

So yeah, I saw my old boss Ricky at the hawker centre and we started drinking and of course, we spoke about the good old times. The last time I had a good proper drinking session at the hawker centre was almost a year ago. I remember going across the road to buy my wife a birthday cake from Awfully Chocolate but I ended up having beers with the hawkers.

A year later, we all sat together and had bottles and bottles of Tiger and Carlsberg. I'm home at ten in the evening and these guys are still at it!

Yeah, I do miss the old days where I could head out at one in the morning to Rouge and have a bucket of Heineken. I miss heading to Bar None to listen to Nine Lives rock the fucking house. I miss the days where I could get drunk and sleep at the freaking bus stop!

But we all have to tone down somehow. I'm glad I did! Being a daddy now, I wouldn't change a damn thing. You probably wouldn't understand if you weren't a parent. It's not just about leaving your kid at home with your maid or wife. It's more than just that. I don't do the shit I used to do because I love my family. I treasure having my baby boy a part of my life. It's the one thing I have that I can't lose (this blog too). Yes, I do come home once in awhile high as a fucking kite from Bishan on a Saturday night. That's just because I want to drink and enjoy myself with my friends. It took me 30 years to understand the meaning of friendship. There's no shame in admitting that right?

I've got mail to reply to and an early start tomorrow. SMU here I come!!! Take good care and I'll try to blog from their campus in the afternoon. Big love for reading the blog!!


  1. I am a tattoo fan how about you?
    my first tattoo was at 16 and i always like to find tattoo designs that are unique.
    Yep, they are a lifelong thing....

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    i love how you said you went out to buy a birthday cake but got distracted with beers.
    it's SO YOU.

    anyway, YOU USED TO SLEEP AT BUS STOPS?!?!!!

  3. ah san? the fish ball noodle guy? he's a hoot!
    check out my facebook albums for my dad's new ink =D

  4. Keith: Yeah man, I'm a tattoo fan too! I had my first tattoo when I was 14. Haven't turned back ever since...

    Shyanne: Ya balls!! I got home hours later with the cake and passed out. When I woke up, I missed surprising her with the birthday cake cos it was three in the morning!!!

    I've slept at bus stops, playgrounds, outside the 7-11, on the beach, etc...Not proud of it but yeah...Doo deeeeee doooooo....

    Just Me: Sabrina!!! I'll check out your FB album in a bit. Yeah, Ah San the fish ball noodles guy. He's a blast to talk to lah. I laugh and laugh when he's high. When's the last time you were at the hawker?

  5. ^5... Daddy grown up! =)
    Ain't a drinker, so I dunno that feeling. LOL =X

  6. if u show me your asscrack every now and then i will tip u too

  7. Boon: You don't drink bro?! The more I get to know you, the more I think you're an angel! Any vices Boon?

    Remy: That's a deal!! When shall we start?!

  8. oh shyanne. my brithdays are memorable. for all the wrong reasons. lol...


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