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Aug 18, 2009

Beer Babes

Guys if you ever need motivation to pick-up that bottle/can of beer, look at the pictures below. As if a nice cold beer isn't motivation enough!

I bet!

I would think this joint would be packed every damn night of the week!

Anyone tried a beer bong? It's awesome but it fucks you up real fast! That's the point ain't it?!

She makes the beer bong look sexy.

If the world's most powerful man is doing it, what's stopping you?
Cheers folks!


  1. it is so bloody obvious from the photos you've posted that you are definitely a boobs man.

  2. Yes indeed! They don't have to be big though. I appreciate boobs in all sizes and colors. BUT, a woman needs a nice bum too. A woman with a nice ass makes me go "wooot woooot"!


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