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Jul 10, 2009

Miniskirts, cleavage upset male SKoreans: survey

It's either they surveyed the wrong men or there is something really wrong with South Korean men!!! Read on...

SEOUL (AFP) - - Almost three-quarters of South Korean male office workers feel uncomfortable when female colleagues show too much leg or cleavage in the workplace, a survey has revealed.

A poll of 1,254 employees by the job portal site CareerNet found that 74 percent of men felt upset with the attire of their female co-workers.

Some 56 percent of them cited micro-miniskirts as their chief complaint, while 51 percent objected to excessive cleavage.

Low-rise trousers that reveal women's underwear, "killer heels" and flashy outfits in general were also cause for complaint.

Women meanwhile complained mostly of stains on the shirts and ties of their male colleagues.

Both sexes disapproved of colourful underwear under a white top, slippers or sandals and sleeveless clothes.

South Koreans in general still dress conservatively in the workplace, with an emphasis on suits and ties among men.

I'd love to work in an environment where my female colleagues don't wear much to work. Heck, they could be naked for all I care. Hey! A married man is allowed to have fantasies right?!!!!


  1. hahahahahaha...

    this makes me conclude that SKorean men are probably bad in bed.

  2. That's why I dislike everything Koreans except their porn :)

  3. I think so too Shyanne! What's there not to like about miniskirts and cleavage??!

    William, thanks for sharing with the world your love for Korean porn! I'll see you tomorrow!!!


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