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Feb 19, 2009


As planned we visited the zoo today. We've got lots of pictures which I'll probably post tomorrow. While at the zoo, I decided that I'll do an airbrush painting of some of my favourite animals.

So when I got back, I 'googled' for pictures. There was this particular picture that caught my attention. A leopard was lying on a log and these two dudes were posing behind this beautiful creature. I asked myself "how in god's name did they get so close?". Curiosity won and I clicked the damn picture. I ended up at this website...

Noticed anything wrong with this picture? The leopard is dead!!! Why would man do something like this? It's a fucking question that we have been asking for ages. I can't even begin to describe how I feel. There's anger, sadness and disgust all rolled into one. To sum it up, I feel fucked up.

The pictures are painful to look at. What's worse, it's the happy humans with the dead animals that pisses the shit outta me. What goes around comes around. Life is fair and they'll get their just desserts. Mother fucking fuckers!


  1. how on earth did they win rights to operate????

    they shld be shut down!!!
    with the threats of extinction, and all the efforts for conservation going on, it just escapes me why no one and no organisation is making sure they are not allowed to continue their inhumane hunts!

  2. Those photos make me really sad. Really really sad.

    And hopeful that those wankers' dicks will rot away and drop off.

  3. Nothing but fucking morons! It's everything I am against. I don't understand how these assholes sleep at night.

    I can try to understand if a person hunts to feed his family. But to kill for leisure?!

    I'll love to gun down these fools in the Savannah grasslands. I'm a marksman in the army and having a go at these morons might just do me some good!


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