Dec 15, 2008

Sex at Zoukout?

I hear that Zoukout was a blast! My friend Mary sure looked like she had one hell of a party. It's amazing she even went to work. By the way, this Mary loves disgusting videos. Stuff like guys slicing their tongues in half. Jesus Christ! No wonder she's a piercer!!!!

Alright, I'm getting carried away. I'm more interested to find out if anyone had sex at Zoukout. It's highly likely that someone or some people did. I just want someone to tell me that they saw people humping. SOOOOOOO, I texted a friend that was beach patrolling Sentosa last night...

Me: Bro, did you see anyone having sex on the beach last night??!

Friend on Patrol: No. I saw many bodies, motionless and looking at the sand. I wonder what's so interesting...

Me: Damn! Not even a topless chick?

Friend on Patrol: This year no. But I saw an Indian transvestite. Topless and wearing an almost translucent white tight pants. Turn off!!!

Me: Are you sure that wasn't Vijay (a good friend of ours)??

Friend on Patrol: Hahaha...I heard many ladies relieved themselves in the open. Our grasses will surely grow strong and tall after that night :)

I've heard enough! I'm gonna get myself night vision goggles and break my Zoukout virginity next year. Now that is my first New Year resolution for 2009!


  1. I was there... haha... nothing much lei! i was just hiding in the sand most of the time. hahaha...

    but got see ppl like humping each other on the sand. but with all their clothes on still!

    -dirty munster!

  2. Damn! Why were you hiding in the sand?!

    I expected gals to be in bikinis and men to be in berms. Guess I'm wrong...

  3. There were a number of hot chicks in bikinis and hot topless men... haha... surprising no. of ppl with tattoos spotted!


  4. Did you take pictures of almost naked strangers?

  5. i dont really like disgusting videos.. for real. i was watching cos the guy looks cute. too bad he doesnt like girls harhar. and he was using emla so it wasnt like he was in any kind of pain.. and there wasnt much bloodinvolved.

    i spotted a truckload of people with tattoos at zoukout. and this dude was going around with a blow up doll.

  6. How can there not be blood? Just the thought of it makes me cringe. I think I'm a wuss!!!

    I think tattoos are huge now. Almost everyone has a tatt or will get a tatt in the next 2-5 years. That's more than we can ever ask for.

    I miss you and the lambs Mary!


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