Mar 28, 2008

INKEDividual 007

image source:

" For westerners, the tattoo has always been a metaphor of difference." ~Margo DeMello, Bodies of Inscription: A Cultural History of the Modern Tattoo Community, 2000


  1. You're using this photo without permission.

    A credit to the source is, really, the least you can do.

  2.  A reader submitted this picture via email. If you are the owner of this image, the least you can do is to show some proof. Don't talk to me like I stole your freaking image. It ain't that nice to begin with!

  3. Well, if so, why did you not remove it, or don't post it at all?
    Here, the PROOF (ridicoulos).

    Anyway, me or another one, someONE in the world is surely the owner. Post this (or other photo) without credits and without asking for it and then, again, reply at the comment instead say "sorry" is a really stupid thing.

  4. so, after the proof? You just don't know hot to insert a link? You can use the tag.

  5. doooode! give it up lah! *rollseyes*

    Noel, why dont you just remove this post?
    some pple are just so irritating!!

  6. Why the hell would I want to say sorry when I didn't do anything wrong?! Like I said, a reader emailed me a shit load of pictures over two years.

    The funny thing is, I could have uploaded the picture you claimed is 'yours' to a flicker or photo bucket account and claimed its mine too. Maybe I'll do that when I'm bored some day.

    But I don't have the freaking time! So, I have replaced the image with something else. And yeah, I've given the guy credit.

  7. Io sarĂ² irritating, ma voi siete solo dei gran cafoni :)


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