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Happy People!

The 90 Jane Blog has been removed by Blogger. I’m pretty darn sure she’ll be back with another blog soon enough. I left her a pretty nice comment on her blog yesterday. Telling her to think about things real carefully. It doesn’t matter if she’s for real. As long as my conscience is clear, I can sleep well at night…

Do you know how important it is to warm up before you exercise? I’ll answer this question for you. It’s fucking important!! I went for a 3km run with my brother Leon yesterday. Guess what? We didn’t warm up! I should have known better. My left knee feels like it got bombed by some dumbass fool from Al-Qaeda. Well, I should have known better!

I wanna say a BIG thank you to the folks from GayDemon.Com. They did an awesome write-up about my blog. I slept real happy after reading what they had to say about the Tattooed Blog. I’m thinking of printing that page and putting it up on my wall. Gay people are happy people. They sure made me happy too! Click here to view the write-up…

I’ve come up with a new regular post for my blog. I’m real excited about it. If I had a choice, there’ll be far more tattoo related posts on this blog. Anyhow, besides the Rate This Ink and Tattooed n’ Hot posts, INKEDividual will start off as a tri-weekly post. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what it’s all about!

Pay Per Play’s Net Audio Ads are closing their doors to new members tomorrow. If you haven’t already heard, Net Audio Ads are the revolution in internet advertising. You get paid for the amount of visitors you receive at your blog or website. This beats the Pay Per Click advertisements hands down. So, if you wanna be part of this revolution, you have one more day to do so. Click here to sign-up and do read these instructions if you’re using Blogger.

I’ve got lots to do today. I’ll post again later today if I can. Have a great day ahead!

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