Dec 2, 2007

Miss World & Boobies

Let's talk about Miss World for a bit. Miss World was beamed live last night from China. I caught bits of it while surfing the net. I could have watched more but it was horrible! Some of the women looked like men! Mexico should have won the bloody title. She looked good and she had massive boobies. Isn't that enough to win the title of Miss World? Instead, China won. Conspiracy I tell you!!

I've got a pretty sharp eye when it comes to the chest. Here's my list of Miss World contestants with decent boobies...

On a serious note, congratulations to our neighbours for reaching the semi-finals! My crystal ball says Malaysia will win the crown next year. Malaysia Boleh!!

Things to watch on the black box tonight...

The Noose
I caught my first episode last Sunday. The Noose is so silly that it's hilarious. Gurmit Singh, Michelle Chong, Chua En Lai and Alaric Tay star in this outrages comedy. I'll recommend this comedy to anyone that needs a good laugh!
The Noose: Every Sunday @10pm on Mediacorp Channel 5!

Miami Ink Season 3
This insanely popular Travel & Living production is huge in Asia. The latest season sees Love and Hate (Ami's & Chris's bar) take its toll on the partners. Yogi releases a single and the search goes on for a new tattoo artist to replace Kat Von D. Need I mention that season 3 is packed with babes??
Miami Ink Season 3: Every Sunday @ 11pm on Discovery Travel & Living.

Hmm...that's about all I have. I might post again a little later. Enjoy your Sunday and god bless!

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  1. Hmm...

    My heart usually goes out to the South American contestants. I think our genes need some mixing, girls...


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