Oct 6, 2007

She's Got INK! (Shelly)

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  1. dude. 3 weeks in a row. hot.

    did you choose this one this time?

  2. erm...ant chose this pic again! i've got a pile of pictures in my library. every time I pick one, she says the girl looks like a skank!

  3. yeah, babes, i'm beginning to question your taste in women. ;)

    i think you only did well with *ahem* yours truly. HEH!

    i shall hold my tongue and not say what i really want to say. heee.

  4. ant has perfect taste in women.


    maybe cos when we're looking at them we're really looking at them and not undressing them with our eyes and wondering what it'd be like to fuck them?

  5. my taste in women is perfect! i just sometimes like the skanky ones. you know...they sometimes say love is blind!

    hmm...shyanne...i've always thought of you as a HOT chick. don't I have good taste? huh? huh? huh?

    as for the undressing part, i do that with everyone i see. i can't help it! i think of it as art. pornographic art! doo dee doo...

  6. men.

    and i hate it when men like HOT girls. HOT girls and beautiful girls are not the same. one looks cheap and fuckable. the other looks classy and sexy.

    got difference okay!

  7. oh man...you know I didn't mean it like that. the way i see things is this way...either a person is hot or ugly.

    i use the word beautiful for animals only. come to think about it, i've never used the word 'beautiful' on a person before. omg!!


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