Sep 29, 2007

She's Got INK! (Sarah Miller)

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  1. Awesome! There's more celebrity ink pics here:

  2. woot woot. hot!!

    i love these kind tattoos although i doubt i'll ever.

  3. thanks for the link anonymous!

    shyanne: ant chose the pic for the 2nd week running. i'm hopeless at choosing hot girls. i'm seriously blinded by boobies!

  4. Hi there,
    came across your Blog... I think your stuff is reaaly neat... well you have to persona to carry it all off. I LOVE that cat thats on your calf... and you have a new one thats a bird, right? any way... I would love to get one... not too big... but 1 of my cats too.... (unfortunately low pain threshold).. I might not last through the entire session....

  5. hi anonymous, if I knew your name, I'll be able to address you correctly.

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I was smiling from ear to ear after reading your comment.

    I do hope that you'll make this blog a regular read. The cat tattoo means a lot as it was a birthday present from a friend. He's did the toucan (bird) tattoo as well.

    Like I told Joycie in the post above, you should go ahead and get inked. If the pain is really bad, get the outline done first. Some tattoos are done in a few sessions. Yours could be one of them.

    Well, you'll never know till you try right? I've got a secret! I have a low pain threshold too. It's true! I have a tattoo along my rib cage that isn't completed. I swear I could have fainted when my artist was working on the outline.

    Hopefully this helps and you'll be well on your way to getting your first tattoo :)

  6. Wonder how this would do on rate-a-tat! Star 98.7FM in LA has a tattoo area on their site where people can rate tattoos and check out ideas for other ones.
    Check it out... head on over to:

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  8. I went to HS with Sarah Miller. She used to sew shoulder pads into her prom dresses in the bust area. She was also heavily into all kinds of drugs and hated the "Barbie" type look and having to wear makeup and stuff. I see that has all changed. She is just an insecure girl, covered in tattoos who preys on other peoples boyfriends and is so insecure with herself that she feels the need to "prove" something as a woman. What era are we in again?


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