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Sep 18, 2007

Malaysia's Kittens

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On we go to today’s post. As the title might suggest, it’s about Malaysian women. I called Malaysia my 2nd home back in 2002 to 2005. For 2 or so years, I was there visiting my ex’s family. Each trip, we’ll be sure to visit the malls. Malls that come to mind are Mid Valley, Lot 10 and Sunway Pyramid. The first two malls are humongous and will give VivoCity a run for its money on any given day!

At these malls, I’ll be checking out women. Come on, any man would do the same. Especially when you’re out shopping with a bunch of girls. We guys know what we want. We spend a maximum 10 minutes per store. I find escalators the best place to check out a woman. You’ll see her from far and she’s going at a slow controlled speed. As she approaches you, you’ll have a good amount of time to eye her from head to toe. If she’s talking to a friend, she won’t even know you’re checking her out. Heh!

If I don’t sound enough like a pervert, I’ve got this to say. Malaysian women have lovely tits! Big doesn’t necessarily mean lovely yeah. Besides titties, I love how Malaysian women carry themselves. Here are some pictures of some LOVELY Malaysian kittens...

Malaysia BOLEH!


  1. eh bollocks know you!

    you said you don't wanna post girls without tattoos and yet you just splashed a whole buncha them.

    boys will be boys.

  2. errr...i was trying to prove a point! all those girls are malaysians. the last picture really made me go SLURP! it'll be one hell of a 4some with the 3 of them. a boy can fantasize right?

  3. yeah, and i thought "someone" said before that boobs, or shall i say, big boobs ain't all that. look at them photos!!!!

    BOLLOCKS indeed!

    you're right, shyanne, boys WILL be boys.

    tsk tsk.

  4. AND BESIDES... if there are going to be any hot chicks, WHERE ARE THE FILIPINO ONES!!!

    eh woman. why your blog so quiet. you promised photos of black goldfish!

  5. Can intro the first one to me?

    I'll take ANY from the last photo.

    Thanks in advance hor!


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