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Is homosexuality ok?

An article in today’s Straits Times made me wonder where our society is heading. “SEVEN in 10 people here frown on homosexuality, a Nanyang Technological University (NTU) study has found”.

You can count me in as a gay rights supporter. If I could, I would hang a rainbow flag outside my window. But that would invite the wrong kind of attention. I personally do not see anything wrong with two males holding hands and walking down Orchard Road. Or two hot women French kissing and performing cunnilingus. That is a nice thought indeed. Slurp!

A little over a year ago, I was hired as an events consultant for a gay wedding. The New Paper interviewed the bride prior to the wedding and the article was pretty decent. The wedding on a whole was fun to work and it was lovely to see the couple together. The bride wore the traditional wedding gown and the groom from Thailand was in a tux. Other than being gay and madly in love, they were your average couple.

Every now and then, we are going to have somebody that’s gonna step up and reveal that they’re gay. It could be a neighbour, a teacher, a minister or even your son. What are you gonna do? Some of us might choose to avoid that person. Some might choose to shut that person from society citing that it’s immoral and disgusting. But some of us will choose to embrace that person and continue with our lives.

There will come a time when WE as an educated society, will need to make a decision that will help this nation to progress. That time is now folks. I suggest we not rush into things. We’ll take things step by step. Let’s not talk about gay marriages just yet. Let’s embrace them and continue living as a united Singapore. After all, we are supposed to be One people One nation One Singapore…


  1. hehe greetings from malaysia here! :D in fact from what i know the gay scene in singapore is even more happening than in malaysia... malaysia as an islam country had more serious social discrimination for gay people than singapore. but i guess with you guys as supporters we gay people might as well stand up and proudly claim ourselves as a gay :)

    newayz, whoa traditional gown? @-o meaning the bride wore a female gown eh? haha i've read about another marriage in phillipines, the couple both wore tuxs, one in black one in white, and they're both so handsome :D

  2. hello Malaysia! nice of you to drop by. and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

    i guess you're right about the gay scene being more happening than Malaysia. Religion will always play a factor with issues like this. but i believe that religions should move with the times.

    the catholic church is against abortions and contraceptives. with AIDS being a problem in so many countries, condoms are the way to go. the same should apply to other social issues.

    as for the wedding, he wore a female gown complete with a wig, heels and make-up. the thing is, we couldn't call it a marriage. that would be illegal by Singapore law. Instead, we called it 'A Union Of Two People'. worked just as good as a marriage. heh!

  3. the act or practice of orally stimulating the female genitals.


  4. tsk! you horndog!

    anyway, this is the sad truth:
    we're more comfortable with seeing two men holding guns than holding hands. sigh.

  5. eh? how did i become a horndog?
    hmm...there are many variations to guns. heh!


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