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Aug 4, 2007

She's Got INK! (Fallen Angel)

Good morning Singapore!! The is the 2nd Tattooed N' Hot post and I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. One of the purposes of this weekly feature, is to show the world that tattoos on women isn't a bad thing. There seems to be this stigma that a woman shouldn't have too many tattoos. In Asia, it's a rare sight to see a heavily tattooed female. Rather than the quantity, it's how the tattoos are done. That's why its important to choose a good artist.

A good artist would advise you on placement and design and may not even ink you if he or she thinks that it may not look good someday down the road. Money equals quality in the tattoo world. If you need an artist in Asia, drop me an email and I'll hook you up.

Lastly... Skin: Intimate Canvas is happening today at Sentosa, KM8 (5pm to 8pm). This is the first officially recognized tattoo event in Singapore. With performances by tattooed Lush.FM DJ X'Ho and percussion group Wicked Aura Batucada, this event can only get better! See ya'll later!!

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  1. oooooh! i love the wings!

    i wanted to get wings but i think it's quite overdone.

  2. i'm in love with the wings. i reckon this looks alright. but yeah, lots of girls have wings these days. i've got a friend with huge ass butterfly wings done in black. pretty nice stuff...

    do you have any tatts shyanne?

  3. Boy, the Asian Culture is not ready for girls with tattoos. I am sure that you have encountered problems with the tattoos you have.

    I have been reading this blog for over a month. It is good to know that a young Singaporean like yourself, is supportive of the system and the government.

    You may want to limit the vulgarities on your website. It's not so nice to use bad words all the time.

    Looking forward to more entertaining material from you. God bless always, Uncle Choo.

  4. i have two. one's a tiny seashell and Made in Philippines tag on the back of my neck. (i was born in philippines and am half filipino)

    and i've got a virgo sign on my right butt cheek i got done with my best friend who's birthday is one day before mine to celebrate our twelve years of friendship.

    i've got the designs for my third and fourth, just waiting for that spur of the moment to come along and get it done.

  5. the tiny seashell ink sounds cool!

    when's your birthday girl? cos i'm a virgo too. :)

  6. Uncle Choo: Hmm...thanks for reading my blog. I hope you're enjoying the read thus far.

    My main purpose is to get Singaporeans to accept tattoos as an art form. It's a long term plan and hopefully I'll succeed someday.

    Forgive me for saying this. Its plain wrong to say that the culture isn't ready. Who are we to decide what the culture wants? And what the culture wants, may not necessarily be right. But I respect your views and hopefully I'll be able to change them one day.

    And yeah, i'll try to limit the vulgarities. That's helluva hard considering the kind of guy that I am.

    Shyanne: any pics of your tattoos? *especially the one on your butt* grins...

  7. go virgos!

    sept 15th. any chance of birthday drinks together?

    i've got the made in philippines one on my friendster, it's a closeup cos it's so small it looks like an army of ants if i take it at a distance.

    the virgo sign is really the regular one about an inch big. it's somewhere on my blog in mid june.

    but you don't get to see the ass, just the little area where the tatt is on. hahahaha sorry.

  8. damn!! its alright I guess. i'll beg you some other time. bleh!!

  9. sure, babes! it's mandatory now, to commemorate the greatness of us virgos!!!

    i'm the 22nd. :)

  10. Fuck yeah, Uncle Choo, totally agree with ya!!!

  11. ooooi!! no vulgarities!! this blog is now tailored for 'all ages'. senior citizens don't like how we express ourselves.

    i have been trying to change the way i talk and write. i used to say "fuck baby! i'm cummmmming!!". Now i say "oh my baby! i am arrrrrrriving!!".

  12. You are fuckin' with me...

    Ant, he does that?

    Anyway, is discussing about your sex life something vulgar?

  13. more F words please!! and don't ask ant such private stuff. no mention about the whip and cuffs too k.

    and i taught her to say "i need to arrive darling" instead of saying "my turn to cum"


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