Jul 28, 2007

She's Got INK! (Kat Von D)

What better way to kick off the Tattooed N' Hot special than to have Kat Von D grace its debut! She's amazingly hot and is one hell of an awesome artist. Look out for her very own TV show "LA INK" which will be shown in Asia soon. In the meantime, check out Kat's Official website @ www.katvond.net and LA Ink's website by clicking here.

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  1. I think that Kat is one of the very best in the biz.

    I dont suppose anyone could tell me who the dude was that Kat tatted on one of the first shows with a sugar skull on his shoulder. I want to find a pic but I don't know who it was.


  2. His bands name is born as ghosts, maybe that helps. I am looking for a picture of the virgin mary/lady of guadalupe with a sugar skull face. I was pictured shortly while she was sketching the drawing for his shoulder. If anyone can help me find that or a similar pic. thanks!

  3. the guy's name is eric Balfour. You might wanna youtube it or something. Also there's A puro gallo skateboard that has an image you might be after. Titled La Virgen. Its the lady of guadalupe skeleton minus the sugar skull. Hope that helps. Let me know how it works out if you get that similar image inked.

  4. http://z.hubpages.com/u/81013_f260.jpg here's that Maria de Guadalupe with the skull


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