May 5, 2010

Mr. Low Life

I would have titled this post Alan but he doesn't deserve to have his name in the title. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...Let me introduce to you a scumbag named Alan Royce Chandler! His registered number in Jakarta is +62 81218689734.

This fat son of a bitch called my son a bastard and my wife a prostitute. It all started when I defended Singapore on his blog post (which has since been deleted) when he slammed us left, right and center. His reason for slamming us? He claims that Singapore stole the Merlion from the Philippines. I won't even mention the racists remarks he made about Singaporeans on his blog. Anyway, this piece of shit, used the Merlion as leverage to attack this country I call home.

I think the basic rule is to never comment on another person's country. I mean, who the hell are you to talk shit about a country you know nothing about? I reckon it all boils down to jealously! What else can it be right?

Alan Royce Chandler, you've made things personal. If you thought I was some timid geek hiding behind the computer, you are so very wrong. Revenge will be all so sweet! I'm not your everyday guy that sits behind the computer that loves being anonymous. Hell no motherfucker! Hell no!!!!


  1. noel....i'm so sorry this had to happen. didn't know it would escalate to this. i'm lost for words for this loser. scumbag is too nice a word! Good God! good that your wife made a police report. i hope they would do something and at least make him apologise - especially to your wife!

  2. what a twat!

    i'm behind you all the way, bro.

  3. well .. he is my kind of guy .. the kind iam looking for .. the kind that is looking for a beating of his god-damned fat life and with that kind of face .. I can assure him that if he DARE come Singapore ... I will treat to my self created Singaporean Special Dish .. It's call the "Five-in-One Putang Ina Slap Shot Dish with a dash of Violence in it" .. I sure this son-of -the motherless goat will like it .... and I seriously hope he read this .... read this YOU FAT BIATCH : YOU ARE ONE MUDDERFUCKER .. PEOPLE LIKE YOU WILL ROT IN THE DEEPEST HELL FOR CALLING MY FRIEND'S FAMILY NAMES .. I SERIOUSLY THINK YOU LACK SOCIAL SECURITY & SELF ESTEEM BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE UGLY PIG FACE MUDDERFUCKER !!! IF YOU HAVE A GIRL .. I M SURE SHE IS HAVING A GOOD TIME WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND .. I M SAD FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY .. YOU HAVE DISGRACE THE PEOPLE OF PHILIPPINES !!! I M SAD FOR YOUR MUM FOR BORN A RETARD LIKE YOU ... FAT ASS UNWANTED .. MOUTH RUNNING PIECE OF COW-DUNG .. AND I BET YOU DARE SAY ALL THOSE THINGS COZ YOU KNOW YOU ARE FAR AWAY FROM SINGAPORE .. IF YOU KNOW YOUR GOD DAMNED HISTORY I DONT THINK YOU DARE SAY SHIT ... STAY IN THE U.K. AND SUCK WHITE DICKS DUMBASS !!!! ... All is said all is done .. I dare you to come visit our "Filipino" Merlion soon ok ... Oh do drop my Bro Noel a note to say you are coming to visit .. we will be such fucking nice hosts to you FAT AZZ BIATCH !!! Putang Ina Mo !!! Peace MudderFucker !!!

  4. Nah don't apologise! The guy is an asshole! We'll just have to wait and see what the police come up with...

  5. Wow!!! Anger management bro? Hahaha...Thanks a million for the support bro!

  6. Bro, this prick shouldn't be called a Mr. at all. He is just a pussy. Look at his face in the first pic. It looks like a pig. This gutless freak won't even dare to step onto our shores. Owning a company is easy but successful for his type of attitude, I think not. Anyway, with so many people reading your blog, there will definately be someone who knows him personally, So whoever it is who knows him, can you please call that prickhead to show himself here & we will welcome him with open "arms". Nobody insults my bro & his family like that & should get away with it. 

  7. Agree with Manuel !!! .. look at the 2nd pic .. he should wear a BRA !! Fat Mudderfucker !!! Anger management ?!?!? Nope .. Not with arseholez like this .. he is the PERFECT tool for my anger venting management bro !!! .. Yah ! anyone that knows this dickhead .. please tell him go stand in front of the mirror and check if he could see his own "puny brudder" .. which I honestly dont think so since he is a PUSSY .. a 100% living CUNT call <span>Alan R Chandler ... by the way, is the R stands for RAT ?!?!? Peace Out Mudderfucker !!!</span>

  8. Apro! you got the wrong guy la!
    It is impossible that fatboy has got a consultancy agency with his intelligence.
    The Alan is Arc Consultancy is white:  while our fatboy pipsquek here is clearly pinoy.

  9. Ok...the images on this blog are correct. In his Facebook account, which was deleted earlier today, he claimed to have owned a company called ARC Consultancy and the contact number that was on Facebook is the same as the one on ARC Consultancy's website.

    So now we have identity theft thrown in the mix...

  10. ahhhhhh ... so this mudderfucker is a nobody .. a pussy behind the comp .. really an arsehole .. I m quite sure he is reading your blog bro .. should find his I.P. address .. maybe he is some farm boy scooping cow dungs in some fields in the Philippines ... trying hard to be a white guy who owns a company .. mudderfucker use someone's else identity .. Ball-less mudderfucker !!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha ... a fat ugly one too !!! 

  11. Guess our Singapore citizenship is not that hard to get after all! Even a Filipino Merlion sumpah-ed and is Singaporean now!

  12. Hahaha! Good one neighbour!

  13. I'm sure he is. I messaged him on Facebook, Multiply and Friendster to tell him about this post. But as expected, he ain't got no balls!

  14. fucker privatised his multipy blog and deleted his FB profile!!!

    oh i could show you aaaaall the nasty things he wrote about our country. i think he was confused and was referring to his own.

    not only is he fat and ugly, he is also narrow-minded.

    upon seeing my pictures on multiply of me having fun at Bar None (on my off days), he quickly assumed i PARTIED there, instead of WORKING there.
    thus the comment he made about me being a party-crazy "prostitute" and that all guys "know" me, and that i have a "tattoo on my pussy".
    exact words in "", dudes.
    pathetic attacks if you ask me.
    fatboy gotta take lessons on how to insult someone.

    and THEN. after seeing pics of me with dray, AGAIN, he immediately ASSUMED i was a HOUSEWIFE, and "wasn't in the corporate world" therefore was in no place to put down his countrymen (he said there are talented Filipinos in Singapore and our country would fall if these "talented Filipinos" were removed from our country, and i said he was delusional. all they are over here are maids, singers or waitresses/waiters. i'm right, right?!?! so remove them for all i care, Singapore would be a better place anyway).

    Tunnel-vision lah this douchebag. just cos i have a baby, i'm a housewife???
    DUDE! i'm a mother, a wife, and an ENTERPRENUER!
    i have a business of my own!!!

    i have the money to employ a Filipino maid if i wanted to, i go to places where i'm served by Filipinos (McDonalds count too! haha!). and i can afford to spend my money at joints where "talented Filipinos" sing/perform.

    at least i know i dont steal someone's identity, pretend i own a UK company, i am not fat, and i'm a woman, so its okay if i need to wear a bra! lol!

    and i certainly aint and never will be a coward to shoot my mouth off and then cowardly delete / privatise my accounts!

  15. why he has jakarta numbers? is he there? lets get some jakarta friends to swarm him!!!!

  16. Hey bro...sorry for the late reply. Yeah, he's in Jakarta. I bet he's shitting in his pants everyday!

  17. Hi, good evening, since it's still night time here in the Philippines. I am a Filipino and I would like to apologize for this "Alan" on behalf of other Filipinos,if he truly is a Filipino. I am also asking of you to not generalize every Filipino as a-holes or to demean them or discriminate them since not every Filipinos are. Especially those that work really hard there in Singapore just to provide income for their loved ones here. Every country has their a-holes and misguided pricks and clearly Alan had been one. Although I haven't seen the blog where he allegedly insulted you and your country, I am really sorry for this, and I am really hoping that this is just some misunderstanding or bad communication. And about the "merlion", yes there was an issue about it here in the Phil., I think some years ago, that we kinda supposedly just copied for our seal the "merlion" in the US' official seal. And honestly, I don't care much about what you'd do with "Alan" but pls keep your respect for other Filipinos.

  18. Oh yeah, just in case you were wondering how I saw your blog and this topic. I was google-ing for "Teardrop tattoo" and found this as one of the sites.

  19. Hi, I wish you left your name so I could address you properly. Anyhow, thank you for leaving this comment....

    You know, I don't think lowly or badly of Filipinos. I have met many wonderful Filipinos in Singapore. Most of them are musicians btw. In fact, I love talking to this mother whose son is in my son's class. I recently asked her for this Filipino barbecue chicken wing recipe. It totally rocked at my son's 2nd birthday party!!!

    So don't worry about how I'll judge your country people. I assure you that there aren't any ill feelings. Good luck with the new president. He seems like a great guy!  :)

  20. Ahhh ok...I get a good number of visitors that stumble on my blog while they are searching for teardrop tattoos. Hope you found what you are looking for...

  21. It's Stephen sir, yeah, I believe he'd make a great president. Hopefully corruption in my country would be greatly lessened if not totally eradicated. I was addressing one of the replies,I think it was your wife's wrath. :-D Thanks for understanding. About the tattoo, yeah, thanks a bunch.

    And I admire Singapore too, especially how your government cleaned up the river in the city.

  22. Hi Stephen! Ideally we all want corruption to be eradicated but it's almost impossible. But the situation can be improved though.

    I love how down to earth your soon-to-be President is. Been following news reports on him and he sounds like a good person with a humble background. That's a huge plus point in my opinion...

    Yeah, my wife was really angry and I know she still is. I understand where she's coming from and I was totally pissed with the incident. Something so trivial like the Merlion turned into a racial war online and my son was called names.

    You're right about the Singapore River. I'm blown away by the fact that it used to stink and the river bed was filled with junk! Today, it's clean and people dine next to it. It's amazing!!!!

    You know, there's something I wanna try but I don't have the stomach or the guts to do it yet. I'm sure you've tried Balut. How is it like?

  23. Delicious, just get over how it looks. :-D It's soup, I don't know how to put it in words, "sabaw" in our own language, the juice of the balut or the liquid inside the shell. You sip the "sabaw" first better with a bit of salt then you eat the duckling. Some eat it in the dark since the appearance of that almost complete chick really discourages their appetite. It's really good, you won't regret trying it.

  24. Hahahaha! You make sound really yummy! Ok, I'll try it. But I won't get it in Singapore. God only knows how long it's been lying in the shop.

    I wanna visit your country one day and when I'm there, I'll try it once and for all. I'll probably go crazy with San Miguel and Chicharon. God, I love Chicharon!!!!!!

  25. I'm sure you will sir. And I do hope that you'll have a good time.


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