Nov 12, 2009

Fergie is a Lesbian!

Yup, you read the title right. Fergie from the Black Eye Peas revealed in a news article that she is a part-time lesbian! SLURRRRRP! Apparently, Fergie wasn't aware she had to stop sleeping with girls when she married hubby Josh Duhamel until she spoke to her therapist.

I reckon I have a solution that would please all parties especially Josh. Have a freaking threesome!!!! Or....Josh could be the ever loving husband and allow his wife to have her naughty fun while he watches of course! Either way it would be HOT!!!!!


  1. That would be one awesome dream!!!!

    No lah babe. I think that stripper is just riding on his fame like many other sluts. :)

  2. i rather do the 3some. watching can be distressing for josh. poor thing that boy. now i wish he can run to me so that i can do him. gaahhhhh!!!!

  3. Hahaha....good choice! Now, what would your husband think?!

  4. omg, imagine ME!!! i think i threesome with fergie and josh would be my ultimate fantasy. okay, it isn't. i still think fergie isn't as hot as she was back in the day.

    btw. entertainment tonight reported that the stripper passed a liar detector test!!

  5. Sorry to be a stickler for language... but doesn't that make her BI not a lesbian? heh

  6. Shyanne: Hahaha! I reckon all the touring BEP has been doing has taken it's toll on Fergie.

    Hmm, the stripper passed the lie detector test? Damn!!!

    Starryluvly: You're right! I was too damn excited to find out she slept with women in the past. I guess you can say I was thinking with the wrong head!


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