Apr 13, 2008

Our baby!!

Ladies & gentlemen, boys and girls, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Drayden Rhys-Cruz Boyd. Little Drayden was introduced to the world at 03.31 am. Our little boy weighs 3.045kg. Say hello to the Jr Tattooed Blogger!!


  1. congrats bro. but why-o-why is he wrapped in pink?? thought they wrapped boys in baby blue?:P

  2. so precious...i bet he's gonna be a real lady killa...wonder when my turn gonna be haha

  3. to lion: thanks bro! why didn't you come to see your nephew?! i didn't think about the pink till now. haha...grrrr......

    to nadnut: awww sweetz! i need to give you one BIG hug! come here now!

    to wildchild: thanks dear! i hope he becomes a doctor. so we all can call him Dr Dray. heh!

  4. OOO!!! Congratulations Daddy Noel!

    Here's a cigar from me ;)

  5. was bz all sunday. and the official visiting hours din fit into my schedule. (12 to 2 pm/ 6 to 8 pm). in fact dunno when i be able to drop by this week. sigh.prob will have to see him only once Drayden comes home.

    btw...u up to jog later this evening?

  6. yes. the pink blanket. i'm gonna have a very stern word with my midwife the next time i visit the hospital.


    i guess it was the first thing they could reach for when he popped out!

    but aiyoh. damn aqua lei. tsk tsk.
    my son is gonna give me a hard time when he grows up and see that we showed the whole world him wrapped in a pink blankie. ishhh.


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