Aug 24, 2007

Feature Friday (Puppies)


  1. wahlao. are those even REAL?!

    i do, however, like her sunglasses. and that's about it. LOL

  2. i'd sure like to find out. ant ain't gonna like that too much though...

    you like her shades?

  3. aiyah. find out all you want lah, dear boyfriend.

    big boobs don't phase me. heh!

    i stand firm in my belief that "anything more than a mouthful (or a handful for that matter) IS A WASTE!!!!


  4. but know I won't right? its called L.O.V.E and its real!!! muah muah muah!

    * note to self....never ever reveal any dirty thoughts on this blog ever again!

  5. that was a smart redemption noel. but yes ant, big boobs are so passe. it's the tiny perky ones now that's all the rave.

  6. true true...i like them palm size. big boobs kinda scare me now. the women i know with big boobies have issues! enough said!!


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